The following pictures are from points in time throughout the book, taken many years ago when cherished memories were made by the people in them.

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Grandpa Cool on his front porch in Canton Ohio Grandpa Cool on his front porch in Canton Ohio A somewhat rare shot of Grandpa Cool, the storyteller of Lost in the Woods in casual garb. Circa 1970
Grandpa and Grandma Cool Grandpa and Grandma Cool on their front porch, Mom is on the far right. Circa 1971
Grandpa On the Piano Grandpa Cool at the piano, an adversitsement once used to sell his piano teaching services. A rare shot where he had a serious expression. Circa 1940?
Holly reading bedtime stories Holly reading bedtime stories from left to right: Nathan, Holly, and Tim. Circa 1966"
Young Nathan with Family Nathan, two weeks old With family: Mom, Holly, Dan, Tim, and Dad.
Grandpa Dale and Grandma Janet Grandpa Dale "The Deer Hunter" with wife Janet The Deer Hunter himself with a belly full of buckwheat pancakes, Grandpa Dale with Grandma Janet. Circa 1973
Backyard at Flemington Backyard in Flemington, PA The park is on the left, and the road I'd walk to school where I'd see those rabbits in the "Fuzzy Bunnies" story is near the center. Circa 1976
Cowboy hats from Easter baskets Cowboy hats from Easter baskets From the Easter Baskets story in the foods chapter, the hats that once served as Easter baskets. Tim on left next to Nathan. Circa 1966
Sampson The Slow Minded Sampson The Slow Minded Jimmy Jenkins dog Sampson, just waiting for a good shake. Circa 1975
Kathleen Crossland Kathleen Crossland, First Girlfriend, taken one year before she passed away. Both images of her and Nathan taken from kindergarten class picture, 1968.
Kathleen Crossland after accident Kathleen Crossland, after the accident, Picture and article about Kathleen after her accident, about 2 months before she died. Her mother is looking over her, as is a Shriner, comfortering her before heading to a Shriner's hospital to attempt to save her life with skin grafts.
Buddies in PA 3 of the 4 Musketeers, from Acne story, Nathan, Steve Plesinger, and Ted Haines after a sleep over in Flemington, Circa 1976.
Nathan at Lake Erie Nathan at Lake Erie, from Water Water Everywhere chapter, taken by Grandpa Dale, Circa 1965.
Nathan, Tim, and Mom at Lake Erie Nathan, Tim, and Mom at Lake Erie, on a stoney bank by Erie, PA. Tim on left, Nathan on right. Circa 1965.
Pool in West Seneca Backyard pool in West Seneca, from Water Water Everywhere chapter, shows our little 12 foot pool, smaller than most other neighbors. Note the field out back (that led to pond). From left to right: Holly, Tim, Nathan. Circa 1973
Millie Goralski Millie Goralski, from Water Water Everywhere chapter, West Seneca Pools story. Circa 1972
Snow Day Snow Day, although taken a few years before the story in Miscellanea chapter, all four kids are having a blast. Dan and Holly in rear, Tim in front alongside Nathan in blue. Circa 1964
The Cool Family Family Portrait, taken around the time of the Snow Day story. In rear: Dad, Mom, Dan. In front: Tim, Holly, Nathan. Circa 1969
Dressing up in Dads Army Uniforms Dressing up in Dad's military garb from left to right: Dan, Tim, Nathan. Standing in front of Grandpa Cool's old house in Canton, around the time of The Ginger Ale Incident. Circa 1968
Nathan with legos Nathan with lego plane, taken around the time of the Comfort of Strong Arms story. Circa 1974