About the Author

Nathan “Todd” Cool grew up in small towns in Appalachian Pennsylvania, rural Ohio and New York State. During his boyhood years, long before coming to California where he resides today, Nathan led an interesting and unique life in the wide-open spaces of small town U.S.A. where a boy could be a boy. As a child, Nathan would revel in nature, catch frogs, pollywogs and snakes, and learn strong family values, all of which have helped to guide him throughout his life.

After moving to Southern California in the mid 1980s to work in technology, Nathan, a water lover since birth, took up surfing. After becoming hooked on the sport, Nathan took his engineering skills to another level, and started forecasting surf conditions by tracking storms across the oceans, and using principles of fluid dynamics came up with an accurate yet easy method for calculating surf arrival times, size, and other conditions. Nathan then founded the WaveCast® Forecasting Service, and today he participates as Chief Forecaster for the Wetsand WaveCast® service, a passion that gets him up well before dawn on most days, tracking storm systems around the globe to keep surfers around the planet in the know.

With this vast experience in forecasting, a love for nature as well as writing, Nathan published the popular Wetsand WaveCast Guide to Surf Forecasting, recognized as the world’s first comprehensive and easy-to-understand book on surf forecasting.

Nathan has authored other books and articles as well. For more information about Nathan, you can visit his web site by clicking here.